Happy Fall Y'All!!!

Happy Fall Y'All!!!
Happy Fall Y'All!!!

Friday, July 29, 2011

My Key Keeper Coin Purse Project

 Oh, how I love that Amy Butler purse sewing book!  I just finished the Key Keeper Coin Purse and am soooooooooooo pleased with how it turned out!  (so is my daughter!) 

 The directions were easy!  So easy in fact that I thought it could possibly be a one-hour project.  (it actually took me 2 days- but I had a lot going on!)

 I added three rolled flowers and some pearl beads for embellishments.  The fancier, the better, right?!!!

 This is the same fabric I am using for the Cosmo Bag.  I thought I would use them together like a set.  If only I can get this away from my daughter!  She loves it!!!

 See the lining?  It is solid pink.  I opted out of the pocket inside.  I had visions digging around for coins and losing some of them in the pocket...

So what do you think?